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This quarantine time is quite challenging for travel enthusiasts. Sitting home and remembering the sweet memories of the last few trips can’t help quenching the thirst to explore new places.

However, there’s no harm in showcasing your travel obsession once this tough time is over. The best way to do so is to get some tattoos. Yes, heard me, right!! Tattoos are the best means to celebrate your passion. See for yourself in this article!!

Get a Globe and Compass Tattooed on Your Forearm

If you are a traveller, you know that the globe stands for the world, and the compass always ensures you that home is never far! So, if you want to etch your passion on your body, this tattoo idea may work for you!

Get a Palm Tree Tattoo on Your Right Shoulder

Gold Coast is a travellers’ paradise, and if you’ve been to the Gold Coast, you know lush green palm trees have awarded the place with picturesque beauty. So, getting best tattoo in the Gold Coast in the form of a palm tree tattoo on the shoulders or rising waves will always keep telling people how much you like Gold Coast.

Get Inked in with The Quote – ‘the heart of mine was made to travel the world.’

Perhaps every traveller’s heart is made to travel the entire world. So, how about writing your wish on your body? Once you get it done, you won’t need to tell others what you love. They will get it from your tattoo!!

A Simple” GO” Can Do the Wonder

A traveller’s legs never need rest!! If you like to travel, feel free to spread the spirit among others as well!! Simply get tattooed and get a “GO” engraved on your left wrist. It will look classy. Besides, it will motivate people to enjoy travelling.

The Coordinates of Your Favourite Place

The best way to remember your favourite destination is to get inked in with the coordinates of that place. For example, if you love Hawaii, get 19.8968° N, 155.5828° W tattooed on your legs, hands, or any other visible body part. It will look excellent, and you will be able to showcase your love for Hawaii.

Maps of the Places You Are Planning On Visiting

Planning on travelling to your dream destination? Well, getting the destinations’ map tattooed on your back will always enhance your enthusiasm. Besides, you won’t need to explain to people that you love to visit new places. They will get it on their own!!

A Flying Aeroplane

This tattoo perhaps defines a traveller the best! If you like to travel and want people to know about your passion, just get an aeroplane tattooed on your legs or forearm. It will look amazing!!

So, now you know how to showcase your love towards travelling. However, make sure that you always reach a regular tattoo parlour in the Gold Coast or wherever you’re in. This will ensure the safe and hygienic execution of the work since a good tattoo studio always takes care of the said things. Besides, an experienced tattoo artist can help you in making the most out of your tattoo venture!!

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