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So you are getting inked. You have thankfully picked out a design and now you need to decide on the studio.

But how would you know whether the tattoo studio you are relying on is safe? In most of the countries, the local and state governments are responsible for regulating the tattoo studios. The rules do vary. Some of the communities do not have any sort of restriction at all. Minors, for instance, can get tattoos legally in five states.

Are Tattoos Risky?

According to the artists working in the Gold Coast tattoo shops, they use a hand-held machine containing several needles. The machine pricks the topmost layer of the skin and injects a few drops of ink. They do not use any sort of anesthetic generally, hence, being prepared for the pain is mandatory.

Tattooing can make you a sick in case you have an allergy to the ink. You may end up with an infection or a blood-borne disorder such as hepatitis C, hepatitis B, and tetanus. There have been a few reported cases of soft-tissue infections from corrupted ink.

How to Stay Safe?

How can you make sure to avoid risks and go to a studio that is safe? There are plenty rules you must follow if you want to get inked and want it done correctly. For starters, do not try to tattoo yourself or rely on an amateur. Instead, look out for a reputed artist with a license, if your state needs one. This means you have to check with a state or local health department.

Some of the steps to implement include:

  • One must get in touch with a tattoo shop where all the employees are qualified, trained, proficient, experienced, and credible.
  • The experts working for the best tattoo places Gold Coast said they make sure to put on brand-new disposable gloves, which alleviate the risk of contamination. They throw the gloves in trash. Or in other words, they do not use the same gloves for all the customers.
  • Check if the artists are using the needles from sealed boxes and that the pigment trays are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Make sure the shop has a top-notch sterilisation machine. All the artists need to use the machine for cleaning the equipment that is just too pricey to throw away.
  • Never be afraid to enquire how exactly the employees disinfect the tables, chairs, and countertops. They must use bleach-based disinfectant. If the shop seems dirty, please go out. The blood travels and contaminates all types of surfaces.
  • Ask from where the inks come from. A large number of inks may contain solvents and metals that the health department just does not approve of.

The aforementioned pointers are not all. Here is one big tip of all – do not allow the alcohol cloud your judgement at any cost. Getting a tattoo is exceptionally exhilarating, but, it is also for an eternity. Think hard and long, and when you do it, make sure safety is topmost on your mind.

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