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With the biggest festival of the year, Christmas knocking on the doors, no wonder that everyone is busy preparing for the festivities. People have also gone wild in styling themselves and staying ahead in the fashion game. It’s quite unfortunate that happiness lasts for a short time, and we all need to wait for a year to relive the same joy. But you can capture the moments of joy through a Christmas tattoo for life.

If you are also one of those Christmas-obsessed, this post offers some of the best Christmas tattoo designs you can carry for the rest of your life.

  • Merry Christmas Tree Tattoo

There’s no other way to celebrate Christmas spirit than a decorated Christmas tree. Get a conventional Christmas tree with all decorations and loaded with gifts to immortalize the spirit of festivities on your body.

You can choose from a variety of the best tattoo in the Gold Coast available that will remind you of the excitement of the festival every year, even after it gets over. Decorated Christmas trees are always perceived as the most covered merry Christmas tattoo.

  • Pine in Watercolor

Tress always delivers an incredible sense of tranquillity because it is a part of Mother Nature. And nothing gets better than pine trees when it comes to creating a festival symbol of Christmas. The vibrant tree will make you wonder whether it is the Christmas tree glowing with all the lights or simply it is a riot of colorful snow. Pine trees in water colour tattoo is perfect for getting on your body.

  • Christmas Light Tattoo

No Christmas celebrations are complete without proper lighting and decoration. Whether it is mistletoe or other Christmas decorations, you cannot even imagine the festivities without them. So, why not get similar tattoo ideas on your body? Getting Christmas light tattoos is one of the best ways to get into Christmas mood and spirit even after the festivity.

  • Santa Claus Tattoo

You may go for exceptional turns and twists with the Christmas tattoos, but conventional tattoos have always got the aura as well as charm in them. Nothing can get more exciting than getting a Santa Claus tattoo, especially if you are obsessed with Christmas. You can either get him solo or in pairs with Jesus. The best part is that you can get in either permanently or temporarily tattooing.

  • Custom Christmas Message

This particular form of tattoo idea is very prominent for all those who love to get the Christmas spirit tattooed on their body eternally. You can consider getting any particular quotes related to Christmas, or it could be a custom message also inked on your body. You can visit Gold Coast tattoo shops to get this tattoo on your back so that it looks incredible and you echo “Merry Christmas” every morning, every day.

So, now that you have the option of Christmas tattoos, it’s time to get them on your body to enjoy the festival throughout the year. Make sure to get these tattoos only from a reputed and professional tattoo studio like Surf N Ink to get inked in safe and hygienic conditions from award-winning tattoo artists.

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