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In order to become a tattoo artist, you must possess a few exclusive skills. Believe me when I say, it takes a lot more than having imagination. A tattoo artist prioritises precision over the other disciplines since a messed-up art can ruin lives.

Getting tattoos usually starts with an extensive consultation procedure where the client and the artist discusses ideas, draw a design, and create a stencil. The stencil is placed on top of the desired area and guides the artist.

Some modern-day tattoo artists are however neglecting stencils completely. They opt for freehand tattooing – a process that consists of fewer steps but that calls for greater competence and dedication.

Define Freehand Tattooing

The experts working for the best tattoo shops in the Gold Coast said freehand tattooing is an intricate technique that begins with a thorough conversation about styles, colours, concepts, and other minute details.

In case of actual tattooing, the artist sketches the design and lets the client approve it. The client may ask for modifications to perfect the piece. Once finalised, the artist shifts the design on the stencil paper. The stencil goes on the skin like a temporary tattoo. The artist traces and then fills the parts to complete the work.

In case of freehand tattooing, there is no stencil. The artist does not show the design to the client either. The artist utilises multiple permanent coloured markers to draw the design on the skin.  While the client is free to check out the marker tattoo, this is what the final piece will look like.

Freehand tattoos need extreme trust. The artist will be relying on their creativity to develop the design and you as a client will hardly have any input.

Advantages of Freehand Tattooing

As the artists draw the tattoos on the skin before using the needles, the tattoos are more likely to be compatible with the body’s contours. A stencil can distort in certain areas especially if the areas are sharp or fleshy, but, the marker design will successfully accommodate all discrepancies.

If you have a tattoo that you wish to add to, the artist can easily draw the new features into the blank space encompassing it, making it much more fitting to the pre-existing piece. Freehand tattooing is also considered ideal for filling the space between two or more tattoos since it does not hamper flow or connectivity.


The experts offering services for the tattoo shops in Surfers Paradise said freehand tattoos are cent per cent original. It is absolutely impossible to draw the same piece twice even if you have an excellent memory. Even when a person likes your design, he/she cannot imitate it. He/she can just be inspired from it and create something similar.

The technique enables the artists to express their sentiments completely. They can make use of their artistic instincts and generate something that the concerned client would surely be proud of.

Bottom Line

Freehand tattooing has acquired widespread recognition all across the globe probably because it is capable of strengthening the connection between the artist and the client. If you allow the artist to draw directly on the skin, you show that you have faith in his/her talent.

You also get to observe the artist’s thought pattern come into life on your skin. Freehand tattooing unlocks the artist’s entire skillset because they begin with a rough framework and finish with a more shaded or filled-in piece.

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