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Blurring is not the expected result for tattoos, but unfortunately, it does happen to a few. There are many ways to keep the tattoo looking lustrous for a prolonged period. Everyone knows that tattoos are made to last, but they do not necessarily look good for eternity.

Some tattoos blur because of poor aftercare, placement, and poor quality ink. Preventing this effect ultimately comes down to you. Select the artist, style, and location with caution. Also, adhere to a proper aftercare regime.

Define Tattoo Blurring

The experts working for the best tattoo studio Gold Coast said blurring refers to the steady fading of the sharpness in a design. Tattoo blurring happens anywhere between a few months to years post initial session. While this occurs at varying rates for people, it can happen to all tattoos if you are not cautious.

Causes of Tattoo Blurring

The causes of tattoo blurring are self-inflicted, but some are expected:

  • Tanning Beds/Sun- Tanning beds generate a large amount of ultraviolet rays, which can impact your tattoos by fading the darker shades. The rays are absorbed by the darker shades, causing the ink to blur within a short period. If you must utilise tanning beds, apply some sunscreen, but only if the area has healed. Then again, avoid tanning beds if you wish your ink to appear sharp. While the tanning beds blast out a huge amount of UV within a short period, staying out in the sun for long without any protection will also cause the same complications down the road.
  • Placement- Most of the body parts where tattoos fade is, unfortunately, some of the most well-known places to have a tattoo on – top of feet, hands, legs, and shoulders. This is primarily because of friction and heavy usage of the areas. Additionally, these body parts are affected by weight loss or gain suffer from blurring, and more.
  • Quality of Ink- Not all tattoo ink is manufactured in the same way. If the ink you use for tattooing is of low quality, you will surely see some blurring over time. Poor ink often has a wide range of chemical compounds and heavy metals that can affect tattoos’ overall appearance and shelf life.
  • Design- The experts providing the best tattoo in Gold Coast said the designs with extra detailing and fine lines are likely to blur quickly. Designs that are close to one another may end up blurring due to the skin’s cell regeneration process. If a tattoo has abundant negative space, then also it will blur. This is because the elasticity of the skin changes, which affects the boundaries of the tattoo.
  • Healing– Pay close attention to the aftercare advice that the artist recommends. Any shortcut you take or spin you add can negatively affect the outlook of the design. At times, you may be eager to use the solutions, but this is discouraged. Stick to the standard water and soap routine.

Tattoos may last for an eternity, but their quality can change over years. Remember to keep the skin hydrated and slather on sunscreen. Stay from the cheap studios and invest only in an experienced artist’s competence.

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