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Finger tattoos are an unusual and fascinating form of self-expression. The tiny size means they can be placed in the open for people to admire or tucked in the secret place between or behind the fingers. Regardless, you may be a tad disappointed to find out that finger tattoos do not last for very long.

Our fingers and hands unfortunately take much more beating than other parts of the body. As a result, the inked pieces on the fingers tend to fade much faster. For further information, please check out the following write-up now.

How Long Finger Tattoos Last On An Average?

The experts working for the best tattoo studio Gold Coast said although finger tattoos last within a short period, they will still last for multiple decades in one form or other. They will need daily touch-ups, however, to retain the lustre.

You must touch up a finger tattoo every six to eight months in case you wish it to look their best always. Thanks to the progression in ink quality, finger tattoos should look pretty good even after a few years.

Once the tattoo begins to fade, it will only get fainter. If you are ready to commit to daily ink sessions, then your finger tattoo can last as long as the tattoos anywhere else on the body. The price will add up and you must factor in the cost of annual work from a tattooist.

How to Make Finger Tattoos Last Long?

After any tattoo, your artist must provide you with aftercare advice. It is significant to follow it cautiously because that promotes healthy as well as quick healing. Mentioned below are some tips that let finger tattoos last long.

With the finger tattoos, you need to devote attention and care right from the day one. That being said, inevitably and eventually, a finger tattoo will fade.

  • The design can impact the time it will stay in proper condition. The skin on the fingers and hands is not quite easy to work with skin on other body parts. Thanks to the knuckles and joints, the skin here is not quite smooth. The nature of the skin around the fingers can cause the lines to be fuzzy and the colour to become less vibrant.


  • According to the artists providing services at tattoo parlour Surfers Paradise, right after receiving the tattoo, take additional care to make sure it heals appropriately. Your hand must be clean and dry for a week or so until you can start using it normally. This can be challenging, considering how often we tend to use our hands.

Be careful when performing the everyday tasks like showering and brushing teeth. While this may be frustrating to keep up, it is just temporary and will give the tattoos the best chance of healing correctly and quickly. Use unscented or mild soaps and apply enough moisturiser.

As evident from the above discussion, finger tats do not last as long as tats on other areas of the body. While the location is quirky and fun, it may not be for everyone. Especially if you are eager to commit to ongoing maintenances and touch-ups.

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