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Do you and your partner prefer expressing love and affection for one another in the most resourceful way possible? Have you both decided to let the whole world know that you are in a committed relationship? If yes, get a tattoo from a reliable artist in your locality.

Couple tattoos have attained extensive recognition with individuals from all across the globe undertaking it every year. An intricate design is not necessary. At times, a tiny piece of artwork can convey a lot.

To know about the themes on-demand, please go through the given discussion now.

  1. Anniversary Date

Who wouldn’t want to immortalise the date when they and their partner have first kissed, met, or married, right? You can take things a notch up by inking it in the Roman numbers. This tattoo may save individuals who tend to forget the anniversary.

  1. Lock & Key

According to the experts working for the Gold Coast tattoo shop, the lock and key cannot function without each other just like you cannot function without your partner. Consider this theme if you believe your partner completes you.

  1. I Love You

Nothing can be better than seeing your beloved declaring love for you. Due to hectic schedule, most of the modern-day couples do not get enough time to say I love you to one another. Well this tattoo can act as an amazing reminder.

  1. Heart

Heart is another beautiful way of expressing passion and intimacy. You are free to customise this design by incorporating a red rose, your partner’s name, or the anniversary date. Ink the heart close to your chest to let your partner know that they would always be close to your heart.

  1. Band or Ring

Donning band or ring tattoos is much better than putting on an actual engagement ring or wedding bang because while you can lose the latter, the former is forever. The design is immensely simple, so, you do not have to visit the studio several times.

  1. Origami Birds

The experts working for the best tattoo parlour in the Gold Coast origami birds is an unusual design but ideal for the couples who want something unique. Rather than black & grey shade, get the Origami birds in vibrant shades.

  1. Anchor

Has you and your partner always been the anchor to each other’s life? If yes, get an anchor inked on the nape of the neck, upper arm, chest, or back. Anchors show how stable and strong your relationship is – how it can successfully endure challenges in a seamless manner.

  1. Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover tattoos allow specifically the Irish couples to push their relationship to an entirely new level. It not only signifies the exclusive heritage but also the profound love partners must have.

Love is an exceptionally special experience for the human beings. Falling in and being in love makes you feel like you are on the ninth cloud, and persuades you to share that sentiment with everyone.

Are you and your beloved planning on opting for any of the designs stated above? Well then please schedule an appointment with someone who assures quality along with affordability. Also, be aware of the aftercare.

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