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Almost all tattoos treasure a story. Your artist can either create a sentimental tribute to your beloved or elucidate a joke only you and your friends know – but underlying connotation is never a requisite to get inked.

The key is to go home from a session happy with the piece permanently inked on the skin. And whether it is your first or tenth time, this feeling is never assured when you are planning a new tattoo.

There are steps to help though. The following write-up has rounded up pretty much everything you must know to make a tattooing experience as memorable as possible. Please check it out right now.

The experts working for the best tattoo places in the Gold Coast said you must have your basic idea fleshed out prior to booking an appointment. During the initial meeting, your artist and you together can work on the minute details. You can show the images you want to customise or use as an inspiration.


Even though the tattoo style dictates the colour, the artist can modify the piece to suit the colour you have long desired. That said, the skin tone plays a major role in how well your skin will retain the colours.

Fair skin, for example, retains white ink better. The purple and red pigments also look amazing on fair skin tones. Dark skin, on the other hand, usually hold onto the darker colours better such as royal blue, crimson red, etc.


Several individuals go for unadulterated illustration, but, if you want a script – along an image or standalone – you must find the type of font you want. Have you seen something you like on the website? Print out a few versions to bring to the artist. He/she may not have the exact font up the sleeve, but can utilize the pages as a reference.


After you have decided what you wish to ink, you must figure out how exactly you wish it to look. There is a wide range of styles to choose from. Major ones include Japanese, Neo-Traditional, Illustrative, Realism, Geometric, and Minimalistic.


The artists working for the best tattoo parlour in the Gold Coast said the shapes and outlines may look slick and sharp at first, but, in the future, they can blur or fade. It all relies on the location and the size of the tattoo.

The location determines the size. While thighs, chest, back, abdomen, hips, and biceps can accommodate huge pieces with intricacies, you have to be creative with fingers, nape of the neck, ear, etc.

You may be dying to get inked, but, spend a substantial amount of time to get the details right. The last thing you need to cut back on the location or price, and ending up with a substandard tattoo – or worse – an infection.

Patience pays off down the road, so, make sure to explore all the available options until you find what suits your needs the best. If you enjoy your session, your first tattoo will not be your last. Add to the canvas and embrace the confidence that it offers.

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