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A couple of things indeed look better online than in reality. But when getting inked, making sure the appeal of your design goes beyond your feed is specifically important – because tattoos are forever. While artists and clients can benefit from social media, remember that tattoos on Instagram are not what they appear.

The experts providing the best tattoo in Gold Coast said most people show off their brand-new ink when posting online. And even though plenty of tattoos look exceptional when new, they get damaged quite easily. Skin disorders, poor aftercare, and suboptimal design location and ink force a tattoo to go bad in actuality.

The artists know tattoos look different when they are first done versus when a person has had them for a long time. Imperfections often enhance beauty. Tattoos will age because the human body ages. As long you are ready to have an open discussion with the artist about what you desire and how a tattoo works, you can avoid the dissatisfaction of having a tattoo that looks good only in photographs.

Mentioned below are six tattoos that look their best only on Instagram. Please check them out right now.

Palm Tattoos

Even before Ariana Grande’s ‘BBQ Grill’ tattoo became famous, celebrity palm tattoos were trending. They were, however, not practical for daily wear. Any design on the palm fades fast because the palm constantly gets exposed to water, creams, fabrics, etc.

Fine Line Tattoos

The experts providing Gold Coast fine line tattoo said it has become a problem in terms of real-life versus Instagram distinction. The tattoos can spread down the road and bleed. They fall out in multiple places and do not look as legible as when they were first done.

Carrying out thorough research and making sure you appoint someone who specialises in fine line tattooing help you prevent the style from looking worse in real life than it does when you first upload it.

Watercolour Tattoos

Watercolour tattoos are beautiful and fragile and look great on Instagram, especially when contrasted with bold geometric motifs. There is a reason you do not see such tattoos in real life.

As with any tattooing style, there are experts in watercolour designs too. They have to saturate the areas a lot more than any average person would prefer. The colours look like thick acrylic paints when applied first.

Tattoos on Hairy Areas

While having hair does not make a tattoo less cool, you must consider how to groom a tattooed area. What you see on Instagram may be shaven and moisturised; you do not know how the same tattoo will look over time.

A hairy and healed tattoo looks amazing but not understanding the changes can be a challenge if you want something straight from someone’s Instagram feed.

Generally, what accounts for the difference between tattoos in real life and online is how well it heals. When you are acquainted with fading and other such factors and are prepared to let your artist experiment with colours and designs, you can avoid the bait-and-switch between an Instagram tattoo and the one on your body.

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