Surf N Ink owns 3 best Tattoo places in Surfers Paradise and other parts of Gold Coast, Queensland. The Tattoo parlours have award-winning tattooists.
16/3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard 4217 Gold Coast, Queensland
Phone: 61 75630 5411
Our Story


It all starts with YOU!
At Surf n Ink we believe in expressing yourself.

Mind, body and spirit levels are expressed through how you look and feel. Artistic expression is as important as self-care.

At Surf n Ink we listen to your ideas, we respect your beliefs and we transform them into pieces of art.

We use technology such as photoshop, illustrator and other artistic apps to visualise designs and shapes and ensure they flow into your tattoo placement.
We believe this process improves the connection between client and artist to achieve your creative goals. The results are happier more satisfied clients that have felt understood through the process of creating that unique piece of artwork.

Surf n Ink, it is a place to relax, chat and embrace your self-expression with the following values:


Surf n Ink is an independent Gold Coast made and family-owned best tattoo studio in the Gold Coast. The owner, Marco Ventura founded Surf n Ink in 2008 after seeing a gap in the tattooing experience, creating a welcoming and inspiring art studio.

Relaxed atmosphere, open bright studios, always with a smile Multi-style art trends influenced by European and American major artists. Gold Coast core – Beach lifestyle, sun, sea, positive energy, embracing life. Safety, health and hygiene… safe and wise proceedings, people first.


Sharing a place where art is enjoyed and appreciated, a life full of colours and smiles between each other.


To connect with each individual and help to transform your ideas into admirable and beautiful things to look and appreciate enlightening daily life through art.


At Surf n Ink we believe in leaving as little negative impact on our planet as possible. We are ocean and beach nature lovers and always willing to improve and develop new ways to be more sustainable and ethical.

All of our inks are vegan.
All of our clip cord sleeves, wash bottles, covers and machine covers are biodegradable.

Our Client


Good staff, very professional and friendly, it's a clean and tidy place, I am very happy with the result, the
Angela Rodriguez
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Really good service, very friendly, very capable artists, highly recommend.
Explosive molotov
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Felt very welcome and i’m super happy with my new tattoo :)
Issy Campana
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Qing was incredible, easily the most concentrated, talented and dedicated tattoo artist out there, he was a co
Josh Hodson
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Excellent service and tattooing. Tammy is a great artist.
Ian Len
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Tattooed by Tiaani Riches and it’s one of my most favourite pieces on my body. She knocked it out quickly bu
Samantha Josephine
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