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It is natural to have some swelling, redness, or itching after you get a tattoo. This is just your immune system fighting against the ink injected. If the symptoms, however, persist or become worse, you may be experiencing an allergy.

You may notice bumpy, red rashes around and in the tattooed area. Blisters, scaly patches, flakes, and pimples often accompany tattoo rash. To know more, please go through the given discussion.

Why does Tattoo Rash Occur?

Reaction to the Ink

The artists working for the Gold Coast tattoo shop said almost all inks used contain pigments extracted from metal salts. You may have a reaction to any coloured ink though red is generally associated with tattoo rashes.

Photo Sensitivity

The tattooed skin can become excessively sensitive to the sun’s rays. You may have rashes or redness whenever you venture out during the daytime. Yellow inks have cadmium sulphide responsible for the reaction. Blue, black, and red inks also cause photosensitivity.


If the equipment used was contaminated or the water used to mix the inks was not disinfected properly, germs may enter during the session. The germs either pave the way for skin crusts or trigger acne-like bumps.

Prone to Skin Disorders

Before scheduling an appointment, you must find out if you are genetically predisposed to any skin disorder. Tattooing can cause or initiate eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. Some people get flare-ups within a week, while for many, they show up after several decades.

How to Treat a Tattoo Rash?

Depending on the underlying cause and severity of a tattoo rash, you may select any of the below-mentioned treatment options.

  • According to recent news trends, applying a cold compress to the irritated area can decrease redness and inflammation. This trick works only if your bumps are not severe.
  • Applying an unscented moisturising lotion or cream after consulting your artist can provide utmost relief from itching in case of allergies. If the moisturisers do not work, opt for the OTC steroid creams.
  • The experts working for the best tattoo shops Surfers Paradise said if you have an infection, you may have to take antiviral drugs or antibiotics prescribed by a doctor for a specific period.

How to Prevent a Tattoo Rash?

Conduct Thorough Research

Make sure to conduct thorough research before you decide on a tattoo studio. It is necessary to rely on a reputable establishment with efficient and trustworthy professionals. Adherence to internationally recognized hygiene standards under all circumstances is a must.

Diligent Aftercare

It is not enough to book a well-known artist. If you wish your tattoo to heal properly and prevent rashes, you must be diligent with aftercare. Avoid sun exposure and swimming. Clean the area daily with lukewarm water and mild cleanser. Do not pick or pull the scabs.

Wear Loose Clothing

Make sure to put on loose clothing. The tight-fitting clothes or even tight bandages can harm your new tattoo.

You have to muster a substantial amount of courage to endure the pain of tattooing. Do not let rashes and infections wash all that away. Always research before appointing an artist, practice aftercare properly and consult a doctor if you notice anything suspicious.

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