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Out of the wide range of cartoons ever created, only a handful is as or more popular than Pokémon. Thanks to television shows, movies, video games, and toys, it managed to build up a huge fan base. People from all across the globe have become downright obsessed – the storylines are interesting, and the characters are fun, after all.

Getting a Pokémon tattoo is perhaps the best way to pay tribute to this renowned Japanese media franchise. Mentioned below are a couple of options people generally invest in or customise. Please check them out right now.

Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum is the chief character of Pokémon. The plot revolves around the adventures he undertakes. When he turned ten, he became a Pokémon trainer and fought Team Rocket, a criminal institution.

The experts working for the best tattoo parlour Surfers Paradise said you could choose Ash as the subject of your tattoo simply because you love him the most. However, suppose you wish your tattoo to be meaningful. In that case, you can say that your Ash Ketchum tattoo reflects the character’s positive personality traits such as bravery, empathy, straightforwardness, and sacrificial nature.


Misty is perhaps the most relatable character in the entire Pokémon series. She is one of the leaders of the Cerulean Gym and travels with Ash, helping him overcome challenges in a seamless manner. Misty is portrayed as stubborn, short-tempered, and impatient. As the show goes on, she becomes incredibly sensible.

Young girls may choose Misty as their tattoo subject because she has a never-dying attitude. Instead of acting as a ‘damsel in distress’, she is prepared to face enemies fearlessly and do whatever it takes to achieve her aims.


Brock is older than Ash and Misty; hence, he is believed to be mature. You can ink this character on your skin if you feel just like Brock, you are also the voice of reason, who takes care of everyone around. Brock’s leadership tendencies, ability to remain calm under extreme pressure and tactical nature make him a well-known tattoo subject.


The experts working for one of the best Gold Coast tattoo shops said Pikachu is the most adorable character in Pokémon. Known as the Mickey Mouse of Japan, this creature with electric abilities is found practically everywhere, from amusement parks to shopping malls.

People who are cute, as well as feisty, get Pikachu tattoos. The Pokémon also symbolises happiness, companionship, loyalty, courage, and eccentricity.

The Pokémon characters are usually inked in the cartoon style so make sure the artist you plan on relying on has a profound knowledge about animation. Carry out a background check before finalising the appointment. Regardless of the tattoo, aftercare is essential. Please do clean and moisturise the skin until it has healed fully.

Pokémon tattoos have garnered immense recognition. Even famous pop star, Ariana Grande, got herself one. The design in question features what most fans would recognise as Eevee. It is a fluffy dog-like creature one sees in the countryside. Ariana uploaded a close-up shot of her new ink on Instagram and admitted she had wanted this for quite a long time.

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