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Traditional tattooing has acquired widespread popularity over the past couple of decades. The style has evolved to a great extent but did not compromise its roots. By opting for a traditional tattoo, you are acknowledging the rich history of the art form and getting an opportunity to relish powerful symbolic values.


According to the artists working for the best tattoo shops Gold Coast, traditional tattoo flash features designs influenced by the sheets of well-known body art practitioners such as George Burchett, Sailor Jerry, and Bert Grimm. Purposefully created to decorate the gallery walls, the designs are drawn with paints. The ones customers love the most are inked on their skin.


Traditional tattoo sleeves are an amalgamation of designs encompassing one of your limbs. Unlike other available styles, they are not restricted to a single tattooist, theme, or background. Also known as patchwork, the concept resembles quilting, where multiple tiny pieces make up a big art piece. There will gaps of negative space in traditional tattoo sleeves.


Sailors were generally exposed to sharks when they went on sea voyages. The latest news and trends proved that wearing shark tattoos protects you from the wrath of water. Sharks have an intrinsic sense of calm despite being always on the move. They represent the unwillingness to be victimised and the determination to face the continuous challenges inflicted by life.


The experts offering traditional tattoo Gold Coast said sailors and swallows have many things in common. Swallows return to their nesting area even after travelling to faraway lands in harsh weather, similar to sailors at sea. Often seen in pairs, it is believed that a sailor gets one swallow tattoo to mark the beginning of their journey and one to mark the ending.

Before you send out a quote request and dive into the amazing offers, know that having many swallow tattoos symbolise your sailing success. Each tattoo was a replication of the difficult paths a sailor has covered and his/her calibre.


A ship is the most integral imagery of the Maritime theme. The ship symbolises freedom for the sailors. Once you start your sail, no limitation can hold you back. Sailors are considered excellent explorers, and nothing could bring out their spirit more than the tool used for executing their discoveries and explorations. Ship tattoos can also indicate your wanderlust nature.


The heart is a popular traditional tattoo theme, and it represents romantic love and sentiments. Heart tattoos are also special to sailors. There is always a risk that you may never make it back when you go on sea voyages. Away for months, a heart tattoo keeps those you cared for with you during tough times. At times, accompanied by banners, this design takes the concept of ‘wearing the heart on sleeve’ literally.

The traditional tattoo ideas stated above have impressed larger segments of the population because they are visually appealing and profoundly meaningful. If you wish to get any of them, please rely on the best artist in your locality. Please schedule an appointment only after making sure he/she understands your requirements and adheres to the internationally recognised hygiene standards.

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