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Tattooing has been a popular body modification technique used in history. According to reliable industry sources tattooing will continue to dominate the fashion and body are industry for a long time to come. In the day and age it is not difficult to gain inspiration for a new tattoo and people should follow the latest trends in order to get an iconic tattoo.

It is expected that single line, simple designs, minimalist vibes, powerful quotes, long lines and black and red inks will still dominate the industry. In addition people will also experience some new changes such as single needle floras, inner ear tattoos and sticker style tattoos.

Individuals can also stick with good old traditional design, realistic tattoos, script tattoos, tribal designs etc. Check out here a complete guide and learn about the biggest tattoo trends that you can consider getting on your body.


This is mainly a genre of painting and sculpture. It is an art movement that comes under visual arts. Professionals mainly take it as an advanced movement of photo realism. It is expected that hyperrealism will emerge as a popular tattoo trend. Not all artists have the ability to accomplish this
style successfully and for this reason I suggest to always get in touch with your artist to check they have experience before deciding on this iconic look.

Fine line tattoos

Considering this trend? It is expected that simple designs will continue to dominate the tattoo industry. However one needs to choose the area of the body and design very carefully before getting a thin or single line tattoo. E.g. consider choosing your arm or wrist for this style.

White and red ink

Professional artists are constantly working on introducing new techniques. It is expected in the next few years that the use of white ink may emerge as a tattoo trend. Previously tattooists were using red ink a lot. Red ink is usually incorporated with black ink to go for the traditional black and red
tattoo feel. Red and black ink if also used when creating iconic tribal designs and helps to improve the dimension of the body art. This trend is expected to continue and dominate the industry now and into the future.

Long lines

Similar to fine lines these tattoos often look good on arms or wrist and are expected to be in the industry for years to come. With this style it is important for individuals to understand the fact that accomplishing a long tattoo line is not as easy as it seems. So again always choose a reputed tattoo
artist who is proficient enough to perform this type of tattoo to get the most attractive look on your body.

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