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When the tattoos peel, they must not fade or lose the colours significantly. Normally, tattoos peel during the first week of recovery, generally five to seven days in. However, for some tattoos, the peeling can start early, say three days after the procedure.

Peeling tattoos is actually the body’s way of restoring the dead skin cells. A tattoo is a wound, thus, the dead skin it generates must be replaced as soon as possible. This is when the peeling occurs but the colour can unfortunately fade.

Why do the Tattoo Colours Fade?

The artists providing the best tattoo in the Gold Coast specifies ink quality and ink colour as the reasons why a piece on the human body fade as well as lose colour when peeling.

While it is true that most of the tattoos fade down the road, coloured designs bear the impact of this quite heavily. The colours that are more vibrant and lighter will fade much more significantly than the darker colours. The colours include pink, light green, yellow, and white.

The colours that are resistant to fading are deeper shades of black and red. In case of peeling, the vivacious colours may not look as lustrous as they first did. This is, however, a part of the recovery process and may not be caused by peeling.

When the inks are of poor quality, then you will see that your tattoo fades quickly. These inks usually have more chemicals and metals in it, which can be absorbed into the skin, and thus, ruin the appearance of the tattoos.

How to Care for Peeling Tattoos to Prevent the Fading?

When the tattoo begins peeling as expected, you must take care of it as recommended by the artist. This will help it to not fade significantly once the peeling is over. Although the tattoo can look a tad cloudy and dull during peeling, it is generally not indicative of fading. After the skin has a new layer, the tattoo will appear shinier, but, not as shiny as it was before.

The significant pointers to adhere to are as follows:

  • Follow the hygiene protocols with utmost caution. Clean the tattoo using lukewarm water and an antibacterial cleanser. Dry the tattoo by dabbing it with a paper towel. Now apply a fragrance-free moisturiser.
  • Avoid picking the loose skin. When the tattoo peels, larger skin flakes come off. Please do resist the temptation of pulling or picking them since that can leave behind thick scars. Also if you scratch the skin, you can pull off more skin, and the tattoo would appear patchy.
  • Allow the tattoo to breathe. Do not wear tight outfits. The experts working for the Surfers Paradise tattoo studios said tight clothing creates friction on the tattoos, which would exacerbate the peeling.  The tattoo must breathe.

It is advisable not to bandage the tattoo for a prolonged period. The artist will provide a timeline for this but one must keep the bandage on for at least a couple of hours.

Your tattoo would not colour or fade when it is peeling. The sole caveat that the artists apply here is that this only happens if the tattoo heals without interference. Make sure to visit a renowned parlour and a skilled artist who would promise that this would not happen.

Remember, after healing, the tattoo would not appear as vibrant as it did when you just left. But don’t worry. If you take care of the skin carefully, the colour can retain its punch for several years.

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