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There is no doubt that music is enchanting. Only a couple of art forms can transcend language barriers and time in the way music does. It is one of the oldest ways to express your sentiments, and it is tough to look out for people who do not like music.

No wonder tattoos devoted to music are so popular, regardless of the region or culture. They are the most creative way to depict your love for the art. To know about the themes on-demand, please check out the given discussion right now.

Song Lyrics

The artists working for a renowned tattoo studio in the Gold Coast said tattoos of song lyrics are usually a verse or a single line. The song lyrics must be something that resonates with the people wearing it. The words may have helped the people through difficult times. Seeing those words on the skin will remind them of their inner strength. At times, the people choose to have the music quotes instead of lyrics.

Music Notes and Bass/Treble Clef

These appealing designs are preferred by music fans and musicians alike. Music notes, treble clefs, and bass clefs are all easy to experiment with and usually symbolise one’s passion for music. They are the best choice for the first ink.

Album Covers

Typically for a larger piece, a piece that encompasses one’s back or upper arm, album covers are selected by the people with whom the album actually reverberates. Similar to the lyrics, the designs are perfect for the people who feel a powerful connection with an album and want a reminder that brings them happiness and strength.

Album covers can be etched in any shade, imitating the accurate album colours or opt for an impartial bold black theme. These generally cover a bigger body part than the treble counterparts.

Instruments and Microphone

An instrument and a microphone are both profoundly meaningful options for people who love singing or creating music. Whether music is your hobby or profession, your love for the craft is made obvious by the choice of the artwork.  The instruments people usually ink are drums, violins, and guitars. They usually represent a musician’s love for the instruments.

EKG Lines

Heartbeat lines or EKG lines are the lines visible on the heart monitor. This design may not seem musical in the traditional sense, but, they are often amalgamated with another design such as a treble clef or sheet music to represent that music is close to the wearer’s heart, and he/she cannot live without it.

According to the experts working for Surfers Paradise tattoo shops, the themes stated above look good in a wide range of colours, but, black is considered the best. A few of the typical placements include wrist, hand, ankle, back, shoulder, chest, nape of neck, etc.

To opt for the music tattoos stated above, please schedule an appointment with a proficient, experienced, and reliable artist – someone who assures quality as well as affordability. Remember to take proper care of your music tattoos so they last long without any sort of hassle.

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