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Hey! Are you interested in tattoos? Professional tattoos have already made their name worldwide. No matter where you are from, it could be possible that you already have a tattoo or planning to have one. You may wonder which design or style you should choose for your next tattoo, especially since so many options are available now.

In this blog, we will talk about five professional tattoo designs hugely popular worldwide. You can choose one or more, provided you have consulted with a professional tattoo artist. You can go to one of the best Gold Coast tattoo shops in Australia to get the best tattoo designs. So, let’s start with our top five list without wasting more time.

  1. Traditional Tattoo Designs

Starting with a traditional tattoo is always special. They are never old; on the contrary, they come with the class. Often bold lines and colours are used to create classic old tattoos. The popularity of traditional tattoos has not come down mainly because of their looks and quality. You can always have a cross or an anchor on your hand. American tattoo designs are one of the most popular traditional techniques for making these tattoos.

  1. Tribal Tattoo Design

Some tattoo designs are deeply connected to their culture and beliefs. These ethnic tattoos are not just style statements but something more. A bond of camaraderie can be translated to a tattoo through these tribal tattoo designs. Some of the most popular tribal tattoo designs are Maori face tattoos and Eye of Hours. If you are a fan of ethnic tattoo designs, you can always choose a tribal tattoo design.

  1. Japanese Tattoo Style

Japanese tattoos have their tradition. Modern anime has different fan followings. You can always look for these beautiful-looking tattoos. According to many, there is a place in Australia for the best tattoo on the Gold Coast. You can have your favourite Japanese tattoo design there. Always look for experienced tattoo artists who can create that ultimate texture.

  1. New School Tattoos

Around the 1970s, a new form of tattooing started in the United States. It was not like those old-school tattoos. Usage of colours, texts and abstractness have been the key elements of new school tattoos. Modern 3D designs have gained huge popularity recently. You can choose these designs for attractive tattoo designs.

  1. Realism Tattoos

Another popular tattoo designs are realistic tattoos. Suppose you want a picture of your parents on your body or pictures of your children or any other loved one; you can do that now by choosing realistic tattoos.

Tattoo artists can add a 3-D effect to it to make it pop. These tattoos are nothing but excellence achieved by professional tattoo artists. No matter which design you choose, if you are not doing it by a professional tattoo artist, the result will not be much good.

Apart from these five types of tattoo designs, there are other designs. You can choose them too. Consult with a tattoo artist and finalize the design before getting your tattoo.

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