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When getting a tattoo, make sure to conduct thorough research. Do not randomly choose the studio, artist, body part, design, style, and size. You must also dress properly on the day of the appointment. That is what the following write-up aims to explore.

The outfit you put on depends largely on the area you plan on tattooing. It is quite self-explanatory for a wrist, leg, or hand tattoo. But if you opted for a more private place, you would want to show just an adequate amount of skin.

Please continue reading to determine what clothes make a hip, side, back, butt, and stomach tattoo appointment seamless.

What to Wear for Back Tattoos?

The experts providing the best tattoo in Gold Coast said a back tattoo can be along the spine, on the lower back, the back of the shoulder, or combine the three. This impacts what kind of top you can wear. For the lower back, go for something loose that can be pulled out easily, like a cami or t-shirt, together with elastic-waist pants. For a huge design that encompasses most of your back, you need to try a bikini-style top that you can untie when lying down.

There is another great suggestion. Bring a zip-up hoodie you can turn around so the zip is on the back and the fabric is covering your chest. You cannot wear a bra when getting inking full-back. It relies on how much skin you feel comfortable displaying.

What to Wear for Hip Tattoos?

There are plenty of clothing options to consider when getting hip tattoos. The artist generally recommends loose maxi dresses. You may pull it up and cover your body with it. Biking bathing costumes are also fine if you are fine with your undergarment peeking. Loose shorts that can be pulled down are fine, but they need a bit of adjustment.

What to Wear for Side Tattoos?

If you wish to get a tattoo on the side, you must either come wearing a bikini top or change after coming to the studio. The artists provide pasties or stickers to put on top of your nipples. You would not want to wear a bra unless you have a loose-fitting piece or a bralette.

What to Wear for Stomach Tattoos?

It is a great idea to put on pants with an elastic waist when getting a stomach tattoo. You may also wear jeans, but if they are not low-cut, please wear an undergarment that you would not mind showing. At times, bathing suit bottoms are less intimate and better.

What to Wear for Butt Tattoos?

A loose dress works amazingly for butt tattoos. You may have to pull the clothing slightly, but a dress allows you to stay covered for a major part.

General Guidelines

According to the experts working for the best tattoo places Gold Coast, loose-fitted clothes are considered ideal. Please stay away from anything restrictive or tight as they would cause extra discomfort. Remember, you already have to handle the pain inflicted by the needles.

Adding layers seems like a good idea because the body’s internal temperature fluctuates during a tattoo appointment. Although a client may get sweaty, usually, the body remains cold due to an immense adrenaline rush. Never come in wearing light colours or your favourite piece. You would not want to stain your clothes with ink and blood.

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