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A mandala is a symmetrical amalgamation of symbols, generally confined within a circle. Although the meaning of mandala is not set in stone, it is believed to indicate eternity, stability, and perfection. Many cultures utilise the mandala symbol in their philosophies to enhance that understanding of stability.

In Hinduism, for instance, a mandala is embedded in meditation rooms and prayer halls to contribute to focus. Buddhists depend on mandalas to depict the connection between body and mind. In Christianity, mandalas are included in artworks inside churches.

Mandalas can represent a wide range of things in tattooing – your soul, internal balance, or something exclusive. The blossoming appearance of mandalas is similar to a flower, so it could mean a reflection of nature in geometry. According to the experts offering the best tattoo in Gold Coast, no two mandalas are the same, so you may experiment with the design and make sure it resonates with your personality.

Below are a couple of mandala themes you may derive inspiration from for your next ink.

Half Mandala

Due to the symmetry of mandalas, they look exceptional cut into varying segments. Play with the details to fill the spaces in an interesting manner. Half mandala tattoos look great on arms, thighs, and nape of the neck.

Minimal Mandala

Although mandalas are noted for their intricacy, it does not necessarily mean they have to be extremely detailed always. You can ask your artist to pare down the mandalas to basics if you love a minimal look.

Faded Mandala

Mandalas have impressed larger segments of the population, probably because they can be manifested in so many ways. Do not trap your mandala using an outline. Instead, fizzle out the external layer with dots for a special touch.

Background Mandala

While mandalas can capture attention in no time, you may use one to act as a backdrop for a design. The geometric pattern will draw the eye toward whatever lies in the centre – be it a butterfly, a rose, or a silhouette.

Face Mandala

For those planning to opt for a daring tattoo, mandalas look amazing on the neck and face since they can be positioned at various angles. Skip inking lines and go for Dotwork for a more attractive motif.

Chest Mandala

The experts providing Gold Coast fine line tattoo said as mandalas are symmetrical, placing them in a symmetrical area such as the chest emphasises their aesthetics. Stick to consistent linework and subtle shading to incorporate the necessary depth to the tat.

Upper Arm Mandala

If you do not wish to cap off sleeves with mandalas, you can go for a half mandala on the upper arm. It still mimics the motion without being strictly round. Include natural elements such as a sunflower to highlight a mandala’s relation to nature.

Personalised Mandala

Instead of opting for a cut-and-dry mandala, try to add varied whimsical elements such as florals or other symbols close to your heart for customising the tattoo. You may rely on traditional mandalas as inspiration but make the final design your own.

If you decide to opt for a mandala tattoo, please contact a proficient, reliable, and experienced artist. Remember, not everyone can capture the unique visual appeal of mandalas.

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