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All the tattoos scab to some extent when they are healing. Scabbing can be light or heavy depending on how exactly the body reacts, and as long you agree to not pull or pick the skin, scabbing should not impact the final appearance of the tattoo. However, if the scabs start bubbling, you must be worried. To know more, please check out the given discussion now.

Define Tattoo Bubbling

The experts working for the best tattoo parlour Surfers Paradise said tattoo bubbling happens when the scabs on the new tattoos absorb excessive moisture and turn soggy. This generally happens when the tattoos do not dry fully after say a shower or swim. The scabs retain water. 

The lotion or ointment that is then applied traps the water further inside the scabs. Tattoo bubbling happens at any point of the healing procedure and increases the chances of infection to a great extent.

How to know if a Tattoo is Bubbling?

Firstly, when the scabs bubble, they become excessively easy to pick. They become so gooey in nature that to pull them away, you simply have to press your finger on top of the skin. If you are not cautious, anything that comes in contact with the skin will pull parts of the scabs, and in turn remove some of the ink. The result is a design that would look distorted or patchy.

Secondly, the bubbling scabs tend to stick to clothes, bedsheets, pillow covers, blankets, etc. This would not only pull off the scabs but force them to stick and bind to an object. When the scabs start re-solidifying, any sudden or sharp movement can rip them off, extracting ink out and causing bleeding.

Lastly, bubbling scabs fail to protect the freshly inked skin, which means there is a higher risk of infection. The harmful bacteria and pollutants gain access to the wound without any hassle. Remember, bacteria love scabbing skin and moist environment. They thrive out there.

Steps to Fix Tattoo Bubbling

The artists providing the best tattoo in the Gold Coast said prevention is much better than cure. To prevent tattoo bubbling, make sure to dry the skin completely and then apply moisturizer. Pat the tattoo gently and let the air dry it for another 15 to 20 minutes. More lotion is not always beneficial. Rubbing too much lotion can clog the pores and cause the tattoo to bubble.

Aloe vera gel or coconut oil has work wonders in healing tattoos. They are much better than the over-the-counter products because they keep the skin hydrated and eliminate any lingering dryness, itching, and irritation.

If your tattoos have already bubbled up, you must implement the below-mentioned steps to fix it.

  • Stop applying lotion right away as it would only exacerbate the situation.
  • Do not touch the scab and do not let it touch anything.
  • Allow air to dry the scab. The scab can take several hours to harden again and return to its original condition, so, you must be patient.

Seeing your tattoo bubbling is quite scary as it potentially destroys the long-term appearance of the ink. However, if you follow your artist’s instructions, you may be able to overcome or altogether prevent it.

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