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Good things come in the smallest of packages. The best perfumes come in small bottles. The finest jewelleries come in small boxes. The incredible value of small things extends to tattooing. A small, simple, or delicate design speaks volumes about your personality, your sentiments, and about the people and things that you are close to your heart. Small tattoos have are important as well as practical. They are perfect for the people who want to get inked but do not want something intricate.

Crescent Moon

According to the artists working for the best tattoo shops Gold Coast, the crescent moon depicts motherhood and fertility primarily, but it also has plenty other connotations such as growth, creativity, and manifestation. Many individuals opt for crescent moon tattoos because they wish to convey to others that they have started a new chapter in life. 

The best thing about a crescent moon is that you can get it in black & grey and multicolours. Owing to being elegant and subtle, this particular tattoo looks great on various body parts such as finger, wrist, neck, and ankle.


Sunny days make you happy instantly. There is something about sunlight that brings the best in you. You become more energetic, optimistic, and motivated. People associate sun with positive vibes and that is what sun tattoos represent. They represent truth and light. Sun tattoos also depict brand-new beginnings and rebirth. Whether you are having a fresh start or planning on paying a tribute to someone who helped you in difficult times, the sun tattoo seems like a great choice.

Infinity Symbol

There is a reason why you see infinity symbol everywhere. It depicts the never-ending cycle, timelessness, and eternity. The best thing about infinity tattoos is that the artists can infuse the design with symbolism unique to a wearer. For instance, your infinity tattoo may feature the birth date of a loved one or the date of death of someone close you have lost. It works well with quills and flowers.


Take your affection for cats a step ahead and get a cat tattoo. In most of the cases, cat tattoos symbolise mystery, fortune, quiet intelligence, grace, and life after death. No one can resist those sweet little faces and bigger eyes. If you wish to combine the image of cat with something else, you can go for flowers, moon, stars, and hearts.

Yin Yang

According to the Chinese philosophy, the Yin Yang symbol depicts the idea of duality. This symbol is perfect for persons who desire a stable life. Yin Yang shows that opposite forces that seem contradictory may actually depend on one another. In other words, one force complements another.

The experts providing the best tattoo in Gold Coastsaid since body arts are meant to stay with you for an eternity; it is always good to opt for something relevant. The aforementioned guide concentrates on small designs with profound meanings. If you got one of them, please pay attention to aftercare. Wash the area with lukewarm water and antibacterial cleanser. Apply enough sunscreen before going out and a thin coat of medicated lotion when staying inside.

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