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Apart from enhancing ordinary appearances, tattoos act as a means to express suppressed emotions, rebel against the orthodox notions of society, and honour someone dead. Regardless of your motive, you need to choose a design from among the wide range of options readily available. Be careful since you have to live with the design for an eternity.

Mandala tattooing has attained widespread recognition throughout the world. It is noted for depicting balance, eternity, perfection, and wholeness. Mentioned below are a few of themes on-demand. Please check them out now.

  • Geometric

According to the experts of the best tattoo shop in Surfers Paradise, geometric mandalas impressed people from varied ethnic background They treasure profound transcendental symbolism because besides the complex applications of nature, they show the external and internal structures of human anatomy. Now isn’t that fascinating? If you wish to choose geometric mandalas to achieve meditative pleasure or to become grounded, please opt for simpler patterns.

  • Tribal

Tribal mandalas are perfect for people who appreciate punk or metallic music, gothic culture, and dark arts. Inking intricate motifs preferably on upper arm, back, chest, or thigh enables you to look audacious while subtly increasing the sophistication quotient. Tribal mandalas depict masculine characteristics such as aggression, dominance, power, strength, and bravery.

  • Circle

When inked with maximum precision, circle mandalas look exceptional on several body parts such as abdomen, thigh, chest, back, and hips. They denote the wholeness of human psyche to manifest the unworldliness of self. The bull’s eye is one form of circle mandala that can captivate attention in absolutely no time. Some other meanings include understanding, hopeful beginnings, and elements of nature such as water, air, fire, and earth.

  • Flower

Flowers are known for contributing to concentration and eliminating all sorts of distraction. This is helpful if you are meditating. Flowers are also symbol of proper wellbeing and enlightenment. The flower mandala tattoos are beautiful and generally bring out the materialistic reality of human existence. This is why people utilize them as a way of travelling through multi dimensions, thus, forming a connection with the innermost part of the soul.

  • Elephant

Elephants stand for strength and determination. They do not give up regardless of how challenging the situations are. According to Buddhism, a grey coloured elephant represents mind through which you can have spiritual awakening. White coloured elephants represent thoughts. According to a few studies elephant mandalas are often used for showing respect to Ganesha, the Hindu deity.

Have you decided on the theme? If yes, please schedule an appointment with an efficient, experienced, and reliable artist. The ones working for Gold Coast tattoo shops are perhaps the best among the lot as they assure quality along with affordability. They also strictly comply with globally acknowledged hygiene standards, keeping risk of infection at bay.

Every individual has a different kind of vision of what elements they wish to incorporate in their mandala tattoo. And this is what provides every mandala with an exclusive connotation. As mandala is an abstract design, the artists consult with the clients hearing out their ideas and showing them existing templates that they can customize.

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